Service Management offers services in the following:

  1. Health /Fitness Nutrition  
  2. Massage Therapy -  Full Body Massage - Aromatherapy / Lymphatic Drainage / Deep tissue / Meridians
  3. Reflexology and Head Massage - Relaxation or Educational Work shops
  4. Yoga stretch and breathwork
  5. Breath work Exercise
  6. Health and nutrition / Anatomy and Physiology educational workshops  
  7. Reiki Therapy and Colour Therapy
  8. Coaching and empowerment through  relaxation therapy
  9. Counselling – In Person or On-line Emailing ((Any issue)
  10. Empowerment coaching / mentoring through relaxation therapy

Other Services:

Tailored Stress busting work shops -  Stress techniques with dealing with psychological stress  or understanding and identification of oneself – learn to love oneself.

Magnet Therapy - Magnetic Therapy has been long proven as a simple, powerful and entirely painless method of dealing with most illnesses, injuries and other ailments without creating side-effects.

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If you live,work or study in Brent? Learn to ride a bike with confidence.

Free Cycling Lessons - Cycling lesson for individuals in Brent Adults and Children Cycling Instructor Esher Fitzgerald. 

Cycling without no age limit

Cycling is fun, life changing, and it's a great low impact easy exercise, and if you always wanted to try out a cycling lesson for th first time, or love or want to learn road cycling, for all ages,than this is for you and it's all FREE with bike hire. What more can you ask for?

Let me know what I can do for you when it comes to you and our Health and Well-being.

"It doesn't matter what age you are there is no age limit to learning new things, as life education is learned everyday until the day we die" ! By Esher Fitzgerald

Go to cycling link:

Learn More About Booking Your First Lesson

Please Note: 

When booking your first cycling lesson on website, on the last page, top righthand coner, 

Remember to click the correct Cyclist Instructor Esher Fitzgerald, or if there are any problems please text me your Full name, Address and Email, and I will get back to you, or Visit me at The Granville and book your first cycling lesson.



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Health Scan - Can the Doctor detect what's lacking from your body instantly. This machine scans your whole body system detecting what vitamins and minerals are missing immediately without any hassle. The health practitioner will advise you on how to fulfil your body to the right optimum.

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