(BSY/IHHT/ITEC/BSC/PTTLs) Miss Esher Fitzgerald is the Founder and Director of the Inner Being/Inner Sense which strictly looks at your inner health. She is qualified Complementary Therapist since 1999 and has over 25 years working in the caring and supported field, teaching, educating and counselling identifiable issues related to numerous vulnerable client groups she has worked with in the past mentioned in clientele services. 

 “Drawing back on my own experience, I have suffered from stress and depression myself at work. In a state of dependency I was not offered or referred to any agency who were specialised to support me. Having studied BSC Health and social science and further studied, complementary therapy, health and nutrition, counselling, spiritual healing, coaching and mentoring, empowerment helped me to heal myself holistically and passionately inspired me to create The Inner Being /Inner Sense which specialises in Health and Well Being". 

 Esher is so genuine and honest and shares unconditional love to all beings that in her presence you will naturally feel at ease and inspired with confidence and encouragement to make a difference. Esher can share her years of work and experiences as she is the testimony of her own work….just meet her and you will see.  Esher embraces all Beings!

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